Ideal for large conferences, product launches, international audiences, and maximizing event reach to remote attendees.

Professional Sound Reinforcement

State-of-the-art microphones and speakers ensure crystal-clear audio that reaches the far corners of the room.

High Impact Visuals

Presentations come alive with high-resolution projectors and crisp screens displaying slides, images, and videos.

Dynamic Lighting

Spotlight your presenters, highlight key elements, set the mood and accentuate your brand.

Draping and Custom Stage Branding

Professional draping and staging options create a polished and impactful backdrop for your event.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of experts will be behind the scenes, monitoring sound, visuals, and equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout your event.

Professional Video Recording

Relive the magic and reach a wider audience. We’ll capture your event in high-quality video and audio, preserving every nuance and emotional moment through a multi-camera shoot.

Post-Production Editing

Expert editing adds titles, music, and subtle enhancements to elevate your recording from raw footage to a captivating video ready for online sharing or internal training purposes.

Shareable Digital Format

Extend your reach beyond the event walls. We’ll deliver your final video in a user-friendly format, easy to upload to your website, social media channels, or email to attendees.

Live Streaming

Connect with a global audience in real-time. Expand your reach beyond the physical venue and engage viewers worldwide as your event unfolds.

Interactive Features

Keep your virtual audience engaged. Q&A sessions, polls, and live chat features create a dynamic experience and let you interact directly with viewers from far and wide.


What We Do

From concept to execution and on-site support, Summit Event Productions is there every step of the way to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.  Our focus is showcasing your brand, bringing your vision to life, and delivering your message with impact.

Our expertise combined with our inventory of audiovisual equipment affords us the ability to serve our clients in a variety of industries, from planning to completion.

From selecting audiovisual components to setting up the equipment on the day of your event, we offer a comprehensive production service designed to maximize your event revenues.  

We are committed to the success of our clients and travel where they need us to ensure consistent and seamless execution. 

Why choose Summit?  It’s simple….we love what we do.  And we do it flawlessly!


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